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Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center Foster Application
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Why do you want to foster a dog?
What do you think are the most important responsibilities in owning/fostering a dog?
Why do you want to foster a Cocker Spaniel in particular?
How long has it taken you to decide to foster a Cocker Spaniel?
Are you willing to take the time to work on housetraining issues, should the need arise?
Do you understand and accept that changing a dogs environment may cause the dog to have accidents?
If a behavioral problem arises, what steps will you take to work on it?
Does any member of the family have any allergies to animals? If yes, please explain.
Have you ever owned a pet before? If yes, what kind(s) of animals and when?
Please describe any pets you still own, in as much detail as possible (type, age, sex, etc.):
Is/are the animal(s) spayed/neutered?
Which pets do you no longer own?
What happened to him/her/them?
Were they spayed/neutered?
Have you ever given any of your animals away for any reason? If yes, please explain:
What do you consider a good and valid reason for giving up a dog?
What is the name and phone number of the veterinary hospital where your animal(s) has/have received care and vaccinations?
Have you done or do you intend to do any reading in preparation for fostering? Please specify:
Will you consider obedience training for your foster dog?
Do you have any experience with obedience training? If so, please specify:
Would you be willing to obtain a crate if recommended for the dog?
How many people reside in your household?
Are there children in your household? If yes, what are their ages?
Do the children have experience handling animals? If yes, please explain:
Do children frequently visit your home?
Is everyone equally enthusiastic about fostering a dog? Please explain:
How would you describe the activity level in your household?
Who will be responsible for feeding the dog and taking him/her outside?
In the absence of the primary caretaker, who will take care of the dog?
Do you own or rent your residence?
Are pets allowed?
Describe the type of home you reside in (single family, townhouse, condo, etc.):
Are there any restrictions or covenants where you live that affect your ability to foster pet(s)? If yes, please specify:
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, please describe the fence (height, material, condition):
If you do not have a fence, do you plan to get one? If so, when? If not, why not?
Would you walk/exercise a dog on or off-leash or both?
Where will the dog be kept (indoors only, outdoors only, both indoors and outdoors)?
How much time will the dog spend outdoors? Please explain:
Will anyone be home during the day?
How many hours will the dog be left unattended?
When you are home, where will the dog be kept?
When no one is home, where will the dog be kept?
Where will the dog sleep?
Will you keep a collar, with a tag bearing either your or CSAC's name and number, on your dog at all times?
Are you or your spouse with the military?
Have you ever bred or raised dogs?
Are you aware and do you accept that CSAC requires that all dogs and cats in the household be spayed/neutered before a foster is placed with you?
Have you read and do you thoroughly understand CSAC's Foster Guidelines?
Please list any preferences you have regarding possible foster dogs (age, sex, breed, personality, etc.):
Please list any concerns or final questions here:
Terms of Application

I have read the above information carefully and have filled out this application honestly. I understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions and sign the application can result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after an adoption takes place, I understand and accept that CSAC has the right to reclaim the dog.

I give CSAC permission to fully investigate the information provided as well as contact veterinarians and related officials. If the application passes this review, I agree to a home and yard visit on a mutually agreed date by a CSAC representative before a foster placement decision is made.
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Thank you for considering the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center and taking the time to complete this application.
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